Inocentes FC Announcement

Inocentes Futbol Club (IFC) is extremely excited to announce that we are partnering with United Fort Worth as our title sponsor for the upcoming season!

United Fort Worth is a multiracial grassroots community organization that actively works to challenge discriminatory policy and systems of oppression while empowering communities to join the fight for justice through collective action.

IFC currently trains and plays out of the Poly Heights community in the East Side of Fort Worth. Our community is predominately Black and Latino and that is reflected in our schools, businesses, and organizations in the area. The murder of George Floyd by a police officer in Minnesota was extremely difficult to watch and extremely heartbreaking. Atatiana Jefferson, Philip 'Flip' Vallejo, Mike Ramos, Javier Ambler, Breonna Taylor, Sandra Bland, David Joseph, Larry Jackson, Christopher Lowe, Nicholas Chavez, Mike Brown, Rekia Boyd and many more have also been victims of police brutality. Every single one of these victims look like people who make up our community. They should all still be alive.


As a sign of solidarity with these victims and with the Black Lives Matter movement, IFC is going to display a “BLM” patch on the right sleeve of our match jerseys. Besides gifting the title sponsorship to United Fort Worth, IFC is also going to donate 50% of all jersey sale profits to United Fort Worth to help fund their Criminal Justice Action Team, Community Bail Fund and Community Justice Center in Poly. IFC further commits to standing up against anti-blackness, racism, xenophobia, antisemitism, sexism, and homophobia within our club and community. 


IFC is very proud to call Fort Worth our home and we will continue to display the power our community has on and off the field. We are beyond grateful for the support our fans have given us over the years, and we want to say THANK YOU! We also want welcome everyone who wants to become part of our club and we are excited to hear your ideas on how we can continue to make IFC better for everybody. 


Finally, we ask you to continue to support organizations that stand up for Black Lives and here is a list to get you started: Black Lives Matter, UndocuBlack Network, Community Frontline, Black Empowerment Movement, L. Clifford Davis Legal Association, The Brotherhood Movement, The Dock Bookshop & Dock Community, Black Love Fort Worth, My Brother’s Keeper Fort Worth, Juneteenth Celebration Fort Worth, Re+Birth Equity Alliance, and Bridge Fort Worth. 

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